@LetsBopUK: Our Social Media

There are already too many emails swishing about in the ether, and people are bombarded with more than enough social media, without us adding to that whole ‘being in your face’ thing.
Sometimes we will Tweet and say ‘Hi’ to remind you we’re here. We’ll add our Events on  Facebook, and even the occasional dance track, or a nostalgic song – via a You Tube link.
We might post things about how good dance can make you feel, or post inspiring or artistic dance pictures or photos.  Please feel free to add us, follow us, friend us, share, or RT us, to make sure we reach the women to will enjoy Let’s Bop! and ‘get’ where we are at.


We love to hear from people! Please do get in touch using the form below, or make contact through our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram social media.  Follow us, share us, like us, add us, retweet us

but better still – come and DANCE with us!

You’ll find us on Facebook and Twitter @LetsBopUK

Our Bop dates can be found under our Events header on the home page of this website, or on our Facebook page @LetsBopUK and are regularly Tweeted out on our Twitter page @LetsBopUK