LetsBopUK the future

In May 2017 Jane, then aged 58, was still working in a job that was not only stressful but meant most of the day was sat at a desk on a computer. “I was going nowhere – literally. I didn’t like exercise, the gym was ‘not me’ – I was overweight, and I was UNHAPPY.” Joint pain can creep up on people in this situation, and it had for Jane. A downward spiral of finding it difficult to move, meant that Jane was moving less – when what was needed was to move MORE.

Jane realised there was no magic solution and that the only way this situation was going to change – if it didn’t kill her first – was to DO SOMETHING positive! Jane transformed her life over the following months. She had set up LetsBopUK. Then joined a local slimming group. She danced a lot. Lost a total of 4 stones in 13 months. And … stopped hurting in every way – and by the age of 60 life looked very different.  All thanks to determination, dance, and diet.  Jane says: “If I can do this – believe me – ANYONE CAN”

For sometime now there has been an ongoing national conversation, encouraging us all to find enjoyable and different ways to keep moving particularly as we get older, so how about keep moving and grooving with LetsBopUK.  It’s another fun and sociable way of doing so, and can help towards maintaining good health and fitness.  And dancing freely in a friendly sociable atmosphere, along with the nostalgia and the music is really great for promoting feelings of well being.

If YOU are interested in finding out more about the trademarked concept LetsBopUK or would be interested in holding LetsBopUK events for women in your venue please get in touch.

Media and or opportunities – If you would like us to contact or call you please get in touch and we’ll get right back ~ Jane Spencer-Rolfe Founder of LetsBopUK
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