The Future Looks Bright for Let’s Bop!

When the pandemic hit the UK, and the rest of the world, at the beginning of 2020, Let’s Bop! had been running for nearly 3 years, having been thought-up, and set-up from a standing-start by, Jane Spencer-Rolfe. By the time the world came to a standstill – literally – Let’s Bop! had become a regular successful event for women throughout Suffolk and had got three venues up and dancing in Bury St Edmunds, and Ipswich, as well as at it’s original home – The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts in Stowmarket in Suffolk. Our floors were often full, as women, young and old, gradually dropped their inhibitions, and got on board with the idea of simply turning up on a week night, dressed in whatever felt comfortable in – either on their own or with friends – and letting their hair down. ‘Dancing like no one was watching’ for an hour and a half.  It was such fun, it was active, it was sociable, it was … exercise – although it didn’t feel like it!


There’s an ongoing national conversation, encouraging us all to find enjoyable ways to keep moving particularly as we get older, so how about keep moving and grooving with us at a Let’s Bop! evening?  It’s another fun and sociable way of doing so, and can also help towards maintaining good health and fitness.  Dancing – or Bopping – freely to your own pace, rhythm, and your own style in a safe and friendly sociable atmosphere, along with the nostalgia of the music is really great for promoting feelings of well being, and is a wonderful form of self-expression. 

In May 2017 Jane Spencer-Rolfe, founder, then aged 58, was still working in a busy job in the Probation Service in Suffolk;  She says: “it was a very stressful environment to work in at times”   but also meant that most of the day she was sat at a desk, often on a computer.
“I was going nowhere – literally.  I didn’t like exercise, the gym was ‘not me’ – I was overweight, and I was UNHAPPY.”

Jane now looks back, and says: “I decided the time had come to review my life, and make some much-needed changes, for the sake of my health and well-being.”

And she believes – especially after the last two difficult years that:  “If I can do this – believe me – ANYONE CAN, but … it’s about reaching that point, where you want to make some changes in your life”

If YOU are interested in finding out more about the trademarked concept which is LetsBopUK, or would be interested in running a regular LetsBopUK event for women in your Suffolk venue, or area please get in touch.

Media, or other opportunities – Please contact or call or email me (form below), and I will get right back ~ Jane Spencer-Rolfe Founder of Let’s Bop! evenings, and LetsBopUK concept.