Tuesday 22nd August – Needham Market

We’re back at The Ark in Needham Market!
Doors 7.30 pm – 9 pm – session costs £5 (cash)

Dance for women’s well-being. No complicated steps to learn, or routines to follow.
Come along and enjoy 90 minutes of Bopping to some of those great tracks. It makes you feel good being able to get onto the dance floor, and move and groove to some of those favourite tracks, and it takes you back in time too.

Then, there is also THIS …
It’s actually good for you! We all need to keep moving one way or another, and this is just one other way of doing just that. Some people like running, or going to the gym (not me I’m afraid – swimming and dancing are my thing) – and I guess we all have to find ways of keeping moving, in a way that we enjoy – otherwise it’s too easy to stop.

So, please come along and join me and some of the ladies in and around the Needham Market area. You simply turn up, and do your own thing. We aren’t all ‘strictly’ – there are no judges at Lets Bop! No bright studio lights, or mirrors, no one out front telling you what to do.
You’ll find a friendly atmosphere, and it’s fun.
Hope to see you there. – Jane SR