LetsBopUK in the media

… in the Press, on the Radio, on TV

In early 2017 Jane Spencer-Rolfe had an idea – to get women back out dancing – or bopping!  By April she had created the concept Lets Bop – now the Trademarked LetsBopUK

After trying out her idea for Let’s Bop! by inviting friends to come along and dance in her local church hall, she was convinced the basic concept could take off.

In May 2017 Jane started holding regular Let’s Bop! events at The John Peel Centre a superb contemporary independent venue, in Stowmarket mid Suffolk, where Let’s Bop! now attracts an ever-growing number of women who regularly turn up to dance.

By June 2018 Jane and Ronni had started working together on Let’s Bop! and were getting the attention of the local press – first in the Business Section of the East Anglian Daily Times – resulting in the following headlines and articles in their local Archant publications Dance Start-up Let’s Bop! invites women to bop their stresses away and Groovy start-up Let’s Bop! gets women up on the dancefloor

With Jane’s guidance, for a while Ronni got a second venue up and running in June 2018 at The LP Bar & Nightclub in Bury St Edmunds, west Suffolk – the same concept – but with Ronni leading and being host and DJ creating the playlists for the Bury events. Another cool and funky space hired by LetsBopUK exclusively for women – this time in a nightclub, with dance floor, light show and Bar area.

By the start of 2019 LetsBopUK had signed a contract with The Deltic Group, the UK’s largest operator of late night bars and clubs, to take space in their nightclub Unit17, in Suffolk’s county town of Ipswich – after Jane spotted their fabulous Disco floor and bar online one day, and approached and then met with their team of highly professional nightclub staff, who were keen to be a part of helping Jane and Ronni develop and build  LetsBopUK agreeing to hold events in their Unit 17 nightclub in Ipswich – more usually frequented and packed-out by the town’s 18 – 25 year olds at weekends.

“Our Let’s Bop! ladies simply love this opportunity to ‘feel it’ out there again” says Jane.  “I spent too many times bopping about on my own in my kitchen, to the radio while cooking the tea. There was nowhere for women like me. This is the business!”

…  And now lots of women are loving Let’s Bop!


The Ipswich launch again prompted the newspapers to contact Let’s Bop! as they danced into their Ipswich venue – it also they gave the opportunity for a bit of video coverage on the digital editions which you can see here Women-only clubbing experience to launch in Ipswich

Jane and Ronni were on BBC Look East and had some coverage on local BBC radio news.  Following that there was no stopping them (literally!) and Jane and Ronni were invited to Takeover The Show on BBC Radio Suffolk in January 2019, with their radio debut – when the two of them were in the hot seat for their own 2-hour show with BBC Radio Suffolk – BBC Sounds clip of Jon Wright’s Takeover show with LetsBopUK at the helm.  Jane asked Jon Wright his top tip at the planning meeting, and Jon’s reply: “Don’t bore the pants off the listeners!”

… And, thankfully that didn’t happen – in fact, we were allowed to run over our time as it was all going pretty well! We also each got the chance to choose some cracking tunes to play, while telling listeners about Let’s Bop! and chatting to our guests.  We even got to the bottom of what exactly it is that makes a good dance track, with Ben Bell a London based sound engineer, who has worked with some top dance brands and mixed for The Ministry of Sound.

As they said afterwards “We had a ball!” – A glitter ball!


Ronni thought to ask Kevin Burch from BBC Look East for a Selfie