Do you want to get into the groove …?

Are you one of those people who used to love to get out on the dance floor on a night out?  … HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO DANCE

Dancing for well-being sessions are here for YOU! Come and join us for a good old bop to all your favourite dance tracks. Get your mojo back on the dance floor.

No complicated steps to learn. No bright lights, or expectations. No worries about whether your bum looks big in whatever you’ve decide to shake your booty in. Wear whatever you like – you’ll be welcome in your jeans, or you can wear feathers, sparkles – it’s your choice!  We aren’t all Strictly (much as some of us love it!) – and there’s no panel of judges at Let’s Bop!

You can come on your own and get ‘lost in dance’, or you can bring a friend or a bunch of friends and what’s more you won’t need to dance round your handbags!