About Let’s Bop!

We know – ‘girls just wanna have fun’! – and once a month on the third Wednesday in Stowmarket with Jane, and on the first Tuesday in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk with Ronni,  Let’s Bop! offers all women aged 18 – 80 the chance to dance. And NOW for 2019 we’re proud and delighted to announce we are in Ipswich too, every fourth Wednesday in the month. We hire carefully chosen spaces for Let’s Bops! and you ladies have exclusive use of these smart and atmospheric music venues and nightclubs – and they’re just for you.  On warm summer nights they are air conditioned, and on cold winter evenings you will always find a warm welcome.

A difficult day; a demanding job, sitting in traffic on your daily commute; looking after young ones … and not so young ones – life can sometimes begin to feel like you’re trying to keep a whole load of plates spinning. Come and have a spin on the dance floor with us!

A friendly atmosphere and an opportunity mid-week to relax for the evening with other woman whilst still being active, where – for that time – you can ‘escape’ and let your hair down, have some fun, enjoy the nostalgia of the music, and re-live that experience of being back ‘out there’ – and getting onto the dance floor. None of the hassle associated with a ‘big night out’. Wear whatever you feel comfortable to dance in, and no worries about finding a taxi home in the early hours. It’s all over well before midnight – so not even a late one ‘on a school night’. Our regular Suffolk dance venues are near well lit car parks, which are either free, or (in Ipswich) just a £1 flat rate in the evenings after 6 pm.

We play the best songs. You have a great time.

Starting at 7.30 pm – ‘ til 9.00 pm in all our venues, it costs only £5 on the door – and no need to book, you pay (cash) on arrival. And, women of ALL ages (over 18) are welcome. You’ll be greeted and welcomed if you come on your own by Ronni and Jane who love to dance with everyone. The atmosphere is sociable and friendly, and you will soon meet others if you come on your own – which women do at all our venues. Or, of course you can come along with a friend – or friends – maybe round up ‘the girls’ from work, the mums in the playground – in fact – tell your mum … or your gran! Because bopping is GREAT. It makes you feel good in so many ways – and we truly believe Let’s Bop! is beneficial for your well being! So, please come and dance with us, we’d love to see you. Join the Let’s Bop! dance movement, and get your mojo back on the dance floor.

*Very occasionally our dates have to be moved from the usual pattern days, so please do always check our website/social media as we always publicise our dates at all our venues.

  • Top quality Sound Systems
  • An eclectic choice of iconic Music spanning the dance decades
  • Atmospheric Lighting using the nightclubs’ own light shows

Let’s Bop! was founded by Jane Spencer-Rolfe in early 2017 to give people the chance to dance again.

In May 2018 Let’s Bop! had gained a regular following in Stowmarket Suffolk, and Jane invited Ronni-Louise Hetherington to dance aboard Let’s Bop! business and take the lead running additional sessions in Bury St Edmunds which too now have a following of women to enjoy the opportunity for a chance to dance again.

NOW, as we shimmy our way into 2019, Let’s Bop! are dancing in Ipswich regularly too. And for anyone who is wondering what 2019 has in store, well … there is one thing for sure – we will all ‘face the music and dance’ here together – at our Let’s Bop! evenings.

Have a listen to this short clip, Jane and Ronni on BBC Radio Suffolk’s Tuesday Takeover

Jane and Ronni are members of People Dancing – the foundation for community dance in the UK.

Let’s Bop! has a PPL Licence

Please contact us via any or all of our Social Media pages @LetsBopUK