About Let’s Bop!

At Let’s Bop! we know – ‘girls just wanna have fun’ so join the LetsBopUK dance movement, and take up this regular chance to dance, keep moving, and actively socialise at a Let’s Bop! evening, with other women like you, who enjoy the music, and love to dance. This is one more way of keeping fit and active at any age – and something we ALL know we need to do. It’s so much easier when you can find something you like doing into the bargain, as it then becomes fun, and not a chore.

A friendly atmosphere and an opportunity mid-week to relax with like-minded woman who enjoy this chance to dance and be sociable and active.  Some ‘me time’ just for you. Come and let your hair down, have some fun, enjoy the nostalgia of the music, and reminisce … those disco days of the 70s and 80s, Club nights in the noughties, or maybe remember that Festival fun.  Dance is great for well being. And on a Let’s Bop! evening there’s none of the hassle associated with a ‘big night out’.

  • Wear whatever you feel comfortable to dance in
  • No worries about finding a taxi home in the early hours
  • It’s all over at 9 pm so you can still be in bed by 10 ‘on a school night’ …
  • So … NO worries about that alarm going off for work in the morning

We play the best tracks. You have a great time.

Jane swirling 11 feb 22

Let’s Bop! was founded by Jane Spencer-Rolfe in early 2017 to give people the chance to dance again.  To get started, in May 2018 Jane asked Ronni to help her promote the Let’s Bop! concept on social media with a view to helping Jane spread the word wider in and around Suffolk.  We had lots of fun and interesting opportunities during this time, as you can see.

Have a listen to this short clip, Jane and Ronni on BBC Radio Suffolk’s Tuesday Takeover

Please contact us via any or all of our Social Media pages @LetsBopUK